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Monthly subscriptions are like shopping without the effort…

Glam Bag

You get to try new products, figure out what you like, and do it at a price that fits your budget.  Lately, I’ve been forgetting about my subscriptions… so they’re like a surprise.  Needless to say, I was caught off guard by my Glam Bag this week.  This is one my least favorite bags that I’ve ever received from Ipsy.  I hate curly handwriting, it’s just not my thing.  I don’t know why, but this bag reminds me a hospital (maybe it reminds me of scrubs or something).  This bag would’ve been cute for February, but def not October.  Anyway, here’s what I got…

LA Fresh, Oil Free Face Cleanser


I love a wipe.  I use face wipes all the time, they make my face feel so fresh and so clean clean.  These wipes smell really good, kind of exotic.  I was pretty excited about them, because I had just used a vaseline oil gel and was greasy as hell.  I really liked this wipe, I could actually feel my skin getting cleaner.  The wipes did burn a little, but I liked it.  I probably wouldn’t buy these, because I’m extremely loyal to Say Yes To Grapefruit wipes… but they weren’t bad.

Sexy Hair, Blow Dry Volumizing Gel

Big Sexy Hair

The only time a blow dryer touches my hair is when I’m getting it done… shocking right?  I haven’t blow dried my own hair for at least four years.  I figure that I do enough damage to it with coloring, so I wash it at night, and flat iron + curling wand in the morning (but usually not on weekends).  I’m like really anal about my hair.  I love Sexy Hair products, but this wasn’t for me.  This gel smelled really clean.  I put some in my hair before styling, but it didn’t really do much (probably because I’m not using right).  It’s a nice size sample, I’ll prob take it into work and give it someone that uses a blow dryer.

Nourish Organic, Body Lotion (Coconut & Argan)


If this was a face lotion sample, it would be a nice size.  However, it’s a body lotion sample so I’ll only get one or two uses out of it.  I appreciate organic products, and I try to use them as often as possible (but they’re soooo expensive).  I didn’t like this lotion at all, it was thin and watery.  I didn’t like the scent either, it was the nasal equivalent of a bad aftertaste.  This lotion didn’t hold a candle to the Body Shop’s coconut.  If I want organic, that’s where I’m going.

Buxom, Lip Gloss in Dolly

Lip Gloss

When I first saw this I was like ehhh, another lip gloss for my drawer.  The color didn’t look like it would be flattering on fair skin, I’m not that into light pink.  I tried it while I was working (from home), and it was seriously the highlight of my day.  This gloss is amazing.  The gloss wasn’t sticky, and the color enhanced my natural lip color.  But that’s not all, this gloss had a serious secret plumper.  I could feel it working (I felt the effects for at least three hours), and it looked like my lips were legit fuller.  I’m not sure if the gold shimmer caused some sort of optical illusion, but I swear my lips were like a phat azz.  I would definitely buy this, it’s one of the top lip products that I’ve tried.

Zoya, Giovanna

Nail Polish

I was bummed when I saw the color of this polish.  J’adore Zoya.  Their polishes settle amazingly well, they dry quickly, and a manicure can last for up to a week.  I just don’t do shimmery polish.  I’m sooo not adventurous or willing to take risks when it comes to my nails (hair yes, nails no).  I like what I like, and am uncomfortable in a shade that I hate.  What I like is black, dark reds, plums, camels, chocolates, and nudes… and I like them opaque and glossy.

The Verdict

This wasn’t a bad bag at all, it just wasn’t for me.  I felt like Ipsy got the personalization part totally twisted.  However, the lip gloss that I loved is valued $18… I only paid $10 for the entire bag.  I would rather spend $10 on the following than this Glam Bag:

  • One month of Netflix, a snack size McFlurry, and a small fry (that’s a good Saturday night).McFlury
  • One pack of Say Yes To Grapefruits face wipes, and a Say Yes To Cucumbers face mask.
  • Two pairs of Xhileration tights (not footless).
  • One (16 count) pack of Tide Pods in Alpine Breeze, and a bottle of Febreze Sleep Serenity.

In other news, the pugs got new collars and I’m really excited!


I’ve been searching for the perfect collars for about three months.  These aren’t quite the perfect ones, but they’ll do for now.  The pugs look like thirteen year old girls who are too cool to have their picture taken.

TGIF hunty!

Party Like A Frock Star*