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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

1.  Sweater Leggings

Sweater Leggings

I’ve been eyeing up these sweater leggings from Target for awhile, but I’ve been scared to get them.  I thought you would be able to see through them, so I walked away at least three times.  I finally caved in and bought them, they were only $16.  These are the most comfortable pants that I have ever put on.  They remind me of ballet warm ups, and I like that… sooo chic.  I’m loving the way the leggings look with camel boots and red flannel.  I went back and bought a black pair too, now I want the rest of the colors.  Go get these now.

2.  Glade Wax Melts

Wax Melts

I’m obsessed with the Glade scent Fall Hayride.  I saw these wax melts sitting next to the candles that I buy every week, and figured they would work in my scentsy warmers.  They did, and they smell fabulous.  It’s only $3 for eight melts, and the scent lasts for about one week.

3.  Neutrogena Wave


I had one of these maybe five years ago, but I guess I threw it away.  This was on sale for only $5 (I don’t know how much they actually cost), but I thought they were like $15.  I forgot how much the wave rocks.  My face feels ridiculously clean after using, it feels like I had something professional done.

4.  Vapor Body Wash

Body Wash

I love a baby body wash, and I also love vapor rub.  I’m not really sure why I’ve never gotten this body wash before, but I’ve been feeling kind of stuffy so I thought I’d give it a try.  This body wash was amazing, it totally unstuffed me.  I feel like I’m at a spa whenever I use it.  This is a must have for the upcoming cold/flu season, I don’t know why there isn’t an adult version of this body wash.

5.  Vaseline Gel Oil


I always thought that this was aloe, which made me uninterested.  When I read the label for the first time, I realized it was an oil gel.  I like baby oil, but I don’t like being greasy.  This was insanely hydrating, and the gel doesn’t feel cold on your skin.  It gives your skin a silky smooth appearance, and slows down hair growth (proven by me, not scientists).  I definitely wouldn’t put this on my face, and I avoid touching my hair after using.  The gel is a little bit greasy, but not gross.  I’ve been using this gel two times a week, and my skin is soft as shizz.

My Hate of The Week

Boiling water for tea.


I know, serious white whine.  However, I’m used to instant hot water from the water jug at work.  I don’t have a hot water jug at my house, and I don’t have a Keurig either (but I hate those too, the plastic cups cause cancer)… so I have to go old school and use a kettle to boil water for tea.  I hate it.  It makes me mad.  I hate filling the kettle up, I hate waiting for it to boil, I hate the squealing sound it makes when the water is ready, and I hate pouring the water into my mug.  Boiling my own water is such a pain, that sometimes I don’t drink tea because of it.

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