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Halloween isn’t just a one night event, it’s a weekend extravaganza.  Since Halloween is on a Thursday this year, it’s pretty much three nights of costumes and recklessness.  Here’s how to make it through multiple festivities, with a few easy changes.

It all started when I wore this dress to work…

Easy Halloween Costumes

I thought I looked fierce, everyone else thought I looked like Madeline.  I decided to make the best of it and do a DIY, then I got brilliant (for a second).

Blair Waldorf

I was watching Gossip Girl on Netflix (at work, it’s no different from the radio), and I looked up and saw this.  I realized that a Blair Waldorf and Madeline costume could be made from the same exact dress…. werq.  You only need a quick trip to Michael’s, and an hour of time.  Let’s get it started in here…

I used a collared dress that I already had (from Target).  You can use a blue dress with a white tie or scarf, a blue sweater paired with a white button up and a black skirt, or you can DIY your own collared dress.  Here’s a template based off of my dress,

Collar Template

you’ll need white fabric and a glue gun/fabric glue.  You can follow these directions to attach the collar.


Easy Madeline Costume

All you need for Madeline is red ribbon, yellow ribbon, and black shoes.  I wanted to replace Mad’s hat with ribbon, because wearing a hat all night can be a pain.

DIY Madeline Costume

Tie a small bow out of yellow ribbon and glue it to a bobby pin.  I like to put my bobby on a sheet of paper before gluing, that way you won’t glue it together.  Tie the red ribbon under your collar, in a bow.  If your collar is stitched (glued) on, use a safety-pin to attach a red bow.

Madeline Girls

This costume is amazing for large groups (sororities, teams, friends), because duh… there were twelve little girls.  You could also rock it as a couples costume, if your other half is willing to go as Ms. Clavel.  To switch up your Madeline costume, try adding black or yellow tights (you can get decent opaque ones from Target for $5).  You could also wear white socks with black flats, or incorporate a cropped cardi.

Easy Halloween Costume

We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all we love each other!

Blair Waldorf (and/or her minions)

Easy Gossip Girl Costume

To transform from Madeline to Blair, you’ll need red tights, stylish shoes, something that resembles a tie (I used a piece of scrap fabric), and an oversized headband.  You can DIY Blair’s red bow headband with the same ribbon used for Madeline’s neck bow, and a cheap headband from a drugstore.

Halloween DIY

Cut a piece of red ribbon longer than your headband.  Use a glue gun to attach the ribbon to the headband.  Tuck the ends up and glue them (this will give you a little extra padding.

DIY Headband

Cut another piece of ribbon, tie a fairly large bow.

DIY Gossip Girl Costume

Glue the bow to one side of the headband.  Play around with it, make it look good.

This costume also works for a large group, Blair has tons of minions… everyone wants to be her.  You can even werq it as couples costume, if you’re straight find a Chuck, if you’re not find a Serena (sweet bff costume).  If you had a Ms. Clavel for Madeline, have them lose the nun habit… they can be Dorota.  Change up your Blair costume the by replacing the red neck bow/tie with a yellow one, and putting your hair in a low chignon (you can find a ton on pinterest).