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Pinecones are rustic and chic…


but they can also be fierce and fashionable.  I like understated decor that’s pleasant to look at.  Bringing natural elements indoors also adds interest to your home, not to mention… it’s freaking gorgeous.  Pinecones with hints of gold and copper are warming, inviting, and beautimous.  Here’s how to turn out your own stylish pinecone garland…

DIY Fall Decor

Start off with a group of pinecones.  My pinecones are from Michael’s (from last Christmas), outdoor pinecones scare me… I don’t know what kind of secret bugs are inside of them.  You can use however many pinecones you want.

Paint Dipped Pinecones

Next, you’ll need metallic paint.  I prefer using spray paint because it’s easy to work with, and it dries quickly.  I think warmer metallics are perfect for fall, like copper or rose gold.  Section off about 1/3 of each pinecone with tape.  Paint the bottoms carefully, make sure you get all angles.  Let the pinecones dry.

DIY Garland

Decide where you want to hang your garland, measure that area and cut the desired length of twine or ribbon.  I like the effortless feel that twine gives off, so I went with that.

DIY Pinecone Garland

Use wire to attach each pinecone to the twine.  I cut about three-inch sections of copper wire, wrapped each section around the top of the pinecone 2-3 times, and looped the extra wire around the twine.  Use wire cutters to trim the extra wire.

Fall Decorations

Hang your new garland, and space out the pinecones.

Fall DIY

I hung the little garland on my mantel.  I wish I used a thicker twine, but I still like it.  The painted pinecones would also look good placed in a clear vase or bowl.  I think I’m going to use a thick lime green ribbon, and paint some pinecones silver for a Christmas garland… werq.

Frock N Roll*