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I get down with the brown hunty.

November Mood Board

Brown is just as chic as black. Brown is just as fabulous as black. People totally like brown just as much as they like black, but it’s underrated.  Here’s how to werq it…

November Style

Pantalones – Brown denim makes a Canadian tuxedo wearable.  But seriously, brown skinnies look stylish when paired with an oversized shirt and flats.  I love how Taylor’s red lip dresses up a casual outfit.

Dress – Since brown is thought of as a casual color, it gives you the ability to werq a bold style.  Emma Stone’s brown dress is everything, I want to wear it on Thanksgiving… harvest realness.

Coat – When paired with gold accents, a brown coat can make you feel like a luxe piece of chocolate.  Brown is flattering on all skin tones, and it warms up your face.  Kate Middleton stays serving up jacquette perfection.

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November Fashion

Chocolate’s never looked so good.

Jacket – The shearling accents keep this coat just rugged enough.  This jacket is perfect for chilly days.  You can order this from Mango for $69.99… what?!

Jeggings – J’adore brown leather.   Leather + knits + heels = stylish.  These jeggings are on sale from Abercrombie for $49.

Sweater Dress – Sweater dresses are ridiculously comfortable.  They’re ideal for fat days… or Thanksgiving.  This one’s from Old Navy for $39.94.  Add a belt for a little shape, and you’re good to go.

Pumps – Dark brown and gold is like the perfect pair.  These heels are available at DSW for $69.95.

Tis the season for hot chocolate.

Frock Off*