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Gloves are nice, but mittens are warm.

DIY Mittens

It’s beyond easy to DIY your own mittens from an old sweater.  Here’s how to turn it out…

Old Sweater

Start with an old sweater.  I went with one that I accidentally shrunk.  Find a seam (probably on the side), and cut along it to open the sweater.

Easy DIY

Once the sweater is open, use a highlighter to trace the outline or your hand on the inside of the sweater.  Make sure to use the band of the sweater as your wrist area.  Use fabric scissors to cut out the mitten shape that you just made.  Place the shape on the sweater, and cut out another shape.  Now flip the mitten so the thumb is pointing in the opposite direction, and cut out two more shapes.

Easy Mittens

You should have four pieces of fabric, two of each shape.  Lay out your mittens, and put the matching shapes together with the insides facing outwards (inside out).

Quick Sew

Put something good on tv, and gets ta sewin.  Start at the bottom, and work your way around.  Sewing sweater fabric is crazy easy.  I totally suck at sewing, but this didn’t take me long.


When your mittens are done, it’s time to make them fierce.


You can use anything to embellish the wristband… sequins, beads, feathers, even fabric.  I had some faux leather fabric scraps, so I decided to use them.  I took a strip, used a glue gun to get it into a nice rectangle, and glued them on.  Be careful not to glue fabric all the way around the wristband, it will prevent them from being stretchy.

Sweater Mittens

J’adore my new mittens.  The faux leather makes them look sooo chic.  If you have extra fabric left over, you can make another set of mittens, by using the wristbands from the sweater.

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