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J’adore a holiday headpiece…

Holiday Headpiece

I’m a messy hair kind of girl, and I like when I can glam up my beachy waves.  Touches of gold bring a chic but fun element to your hair.  I’ve been all about headpieces since watching Reign.  Here’s how to turn your hair out…

DIY Holiday Headpiece

All you need is some gold chain (3 – 5 pieces), wire cutters, and needle nose pliers.

Part your hair in the center, take a piece of chain, and measure how long you want it to be.  This chain is going to be the center of the headpiece and will look best a bit shorter.    Cut the chain to the desired length using the wire cutters.  Now measure another chain from the front of the center chain, draping to the back.  Cut the chain… twice, so you have one for each side.  You can stop here, or add a few more chains.  If you add more chains, make sure they vary in length.

Easy Headpiece

Use a jump ring, a piece of wire, or a piece of a chain to connect all of the chains.  Make sure you arrange them in the order that they will go, mine went… long chain, short chain, center part chain, short chain, long chain.  Use needle nose pliers to tighten the closure.  Repeat this on the other side.  When you’re finished your headpiece will look like this…

Holiday Hair

To put it on, find the center chain and match it up with your part.  The other chains should fall into place.  This headpiece would be perfect for Thanksgiving, holiday parties, getting your freak on the night before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and even NYE.

TGIF hunty!

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