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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

1.  Old Navy’s Veterans Day Sale


I have a love hate relationship with Old Navy, but right now I love it.  Everything is currently 30% off until the end of the day today (and has been since Friday), whats not to love?  I don’t like to pay more than $30 for anything from Old Navy, I feel like the clothing doesn’t hold up very well… and there is no quality control when it comes to sizing. I found this sweater on the sale rack for $15, with 30% off it was only $11.  Sweet deal.  J’adore a lightweight sweater, and a bow tie.

2.  Fleece Throws

Fleece Throw

You can never have too many throws.  Old Navy’s throws are like $10… go get them today and they’re only $7!  My pug nurses on blankets,


so I go through a shitload of them.  These are nice, lightweight, and come in enough colors to match every room.  They also make good everybody gifts, housewarming gifts, and gifts for people you don’t really know (like someone you work with, a neighbor, or a hooker).

3.  E.L.F. Gift Packages


I can’t resist E.L.F. makeup.  When I see it, I lose all self-control.  It’s so cheap, that you don’t feel guilty after buying… and it’s not that bad.  Target had a ton of gift sets on display, and I really enjoy showering myself with gifts.  This little eyeshadow set was only $3… werq.  Each shadow had nice pigmentation, and they all had little gold specks in them.  The palette contained just enough glitter/shimmer for the holiday season.

4.  Raspberry Rose Kiss Lip Butta

Lip Butter

I usually hate lip gloss in pots because everyone always wants to use it, and I don’t know clean their hands are.  However, I like this thin tin.  The butter smells exactly like red swedish fish, and red is my fave.  It’s also ridiculously hydrating.  Whenever I put Vaseline on my lips, I feel like it rubs off within fifteen minutos.  This shizz stays on your lips like body butter stays on your skin.

5.  Holiday M&M’s

Holiday M&Ms

I live for holiday M&M’s.  Anything involving white chocolate and peppermint is amazing.  I think that I prefer these to the standard holiday mint M&M’s… but I wish they were skinny.

My Hate of The Week

A dirty microwave.


All microwaves should be as spotless as the one above, inside and out.  I hate it sooo much when you go to microwave something (at work), and you’re hit with a wave of disgusting smell as soon as you open the door.  It’s nasty, and most of the time makes me lose my appetite.  It’s so foul when there’s a film on the bottom of the microwave.  Wipe the freakin microwave down when you’re finished using, it’s common courtesy hunty.  You should also never microwave seafood in a contained area (work)… it’s gross, and it makes me gag.  Ain’t nobody got time to smell day old shrimp scampi.  If you don’t clean the microwave after using it, you’re a terrible person.

Shut The Frock Up*