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I love a turban headband.

DIY Ear Warmer

Needless to say, I’ve been on the hunt for a turban ear warmer.  I’ve been able to find turban hats and headbands, but not an actual ear warmer.  So, I decided to DIY it.  Here’s how you can too…

Old Sweater Skirt

Start off with an old cable knit sweater (you can use a scarf or a skirt).  I used an old sweater skirt (that I DIY’d  last winter).  Measure your head, you’ll need the fabric to wrap around your head twice.

Easy Ear Warmer

Cut a few strips of the sweater until you reach the desired length needed.  It’s okay if you have more than one or two strips.  Sew the strips together to create one long strip of sweater. Essentially, you’re going to make a turban headband from a sweater so use this picture for reference…

Turban Headband

and follow these directions…

  1. Hold the center of the fabric at the nape of your neck.  Make sure that all seams are facing out, you want to do the fitting inside out (that way when you sew everything, it will look good on the outside).
  2. Cross the fabric at the center of your forehead.
  3. Cross the fabric again in the other direction, creating something that resembles a knot.
  4. Tuck the loose ends, and gently slip headband off keeping the shape.

Turban Ear Warmer

Sew the loose ends together in the back.  I also recommend sewing the turban knot, so it will keep its shape.

Easy Ear Warmers

Warm and stylish, plus you won’t get hat hair… werq.

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