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I love natural elements with a twist… and they make gorgeous Thanksgiving place cards.

Thanksgiving DIY

Go outside and get down and dirty with nature, or go to Michael’s and get fake nature.  I grabbed some holly, pinecones, and stones.  Make sure you collect enough for every guest that will be attending dinner.

Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards

Grab a can of metallic spray paint, Krylon is the shizz (I’m obsessed with the copper).  Place your natural elements in an egg carton, and lightly dust them with metallic realness.

DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

When everything is dry, incorporate a name tag.  I used photo paper and pinking shears to make my tags.  Here’s how I turned my place cards out…

Pinecones – A name tag can easily be placed upright, I just shoved it in.

Holly –  First, I cut off all the pricklys.  Then I used a hole puncher to punch holes through the holly and name tag.  After lining everything up, I secured it with a ribbon.  I think this could also work with dried leaves.

Stone – This is my fave, industrial chic.  I just wrapped the rock in copper wire, then stuck the name in.  This would also look sickening in gold.

If nature’s not your thing, you can always resort to Instagram…

Instagram Place Cards

Print wallet size photos of some fall pics.  You can find a filter to match any table setting.  Use glue to secure each picture to metallic twigs.  The twigs are like an easel displaying your art.

TGIF hunty.

Party Like A Frock Star*