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Finding the perfect Thanksgiving outfit is tricky.  You might look cute at first, but after stuffing your face you can easily look pregnant.  Eating too much can also make you uncomfortable like whoa.  Here’s a few of my fave options…

1.  Tee Dress

Thanksgiving Outfits

A roomy dress is ideal for eating.  It doesn’t make you look fat when you sit down, which I find very important.  Since there’s not a lot of shape, a tee dress can easily hide ten pounds.  Leather or faux leather bring structure to a simple tee dress, and a deep shade is so fetch right now.  This type of dress looks sickening with a bold statement necklace, booties, and tights.  This dress is available online at Topshop for $240… every wardrobe needs a leather dress.

2.  Cinched Waist

Thanksgiving Dress

J’adore this dainty dress.  A cinched waist draws the eye to the thinnest part of your bod, and can help mask a bloated stomach.  A midi dress allows you to ditch your tights, because they’re fairly long.  You can always cinch your waist with a belt, but ain’t nobody got time for belt adjustments on Thanksgiving.  This dress is available at H&M for $69.95, and it would look stunning with chocolate brown pumps and gold accessories.

3.  Pleats 

Thanksgiving Skirt

Pleated skirts are genius.  You can dress them up or down, pair it with a blouse or a tee. The best part about pleats, is they can disguise the dinner that you’ll be eating.  A red pleated skirt can carry you through the entire holiday season.  You could wear it every weekend and give it a different look by pairing it with cable knits, scarves, bling, tees, lace, gold, anything.  This skirt is available through ASOS for $49.83, but you can also find similar ones at Target.

4.  LBD

Thanksgiving Looks

You can never go wrong with a little black dress, that shizz is slimming!  J’adore the champagne shades incorporated into this LBD.  The best part about this dress, the bow.  Not only does the bow act as a belt (and cinch the waist), but you can easily adjust it if it gets too tight.  You can order this gorgeous holiday dress from Modcloth for $52.99… amazing price, I love Modcloth.

5.  Comfy Cozy


Sometimes, Thanksgiving isn’t glamorous.  It can consist of eating in a cozy home, and watching football.  Leggings are perfect for a comfy dinner, sweater leggings are even better.  When you pair leggings with a longer shirt, it’s perfection… just add boots.  These are my favorite leggings (I have them in every color), and you can order them from Target for $16.99, what what!