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You should always make a statement on Thanksgiving.

DIY Fall Necklace

When you’re rocking a statement necklace, nobody will even notice the ten pounds you put on during dinner.  You can make your own statement necklace with a few faux flowers, beads, and a chain.


Start off with a large fake flower, and remove the bud.  I had these flowers left over from last year, but I didn’t want to decorate with them this year.  The same flowers are still available at Michael’s.

DIY Thanksgiving Necklace

Once the bud is removed, select a piece of the flower that you like.  Fold it in half, and glue it together… make sure that you line up the petals.

DIY Necklace

That wasn’t enough color for me so I grabbed another flower.  I opted for a brown flower, removed the bud, and cut the petals off.  Use glue to place the new petals in between the original petals.  Keep adding petals until you have enough dimension.

Autumn Necklace DIY

Add embellishments.  I used the beads from two old bracelets.  I glued dark brown beads in a half circle at the top of the flower, and a light brown bead on each original petal.  I would have preferred topaz gems, but I didn’t have that.

Easy DIY Necklace

Use two jump rings to attach a chain to the flower, and a lobster claw to connect everything.

Easy Thanksgiving Necklace

This necklace reminds me of a turkey, so it’s ideal for serving up Thanksgiving realness.