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Everyone looks good in a hat.

Easy DIY Hat

Hats keep you warm, and they can be stylish.  They’re also a superb way to look fierce on a Starbucks run, when you first wake up.  Here’s how to turn out your own little beanie…


You’ll need an old sweater, fabric scissors, and a needle + thread.  I decided to use an old cropped sweater that I hated.  I tried to tone down the color with brown dye, but that clearly didn’t work out so well.  Make sure you cut the buttons off, if you want to save them.

Hat Template

Trace a hat that you already own onto a piece of paper, and cut it out.  This will be a basic template for your new hat.  Tape the template onto your sweater and cut it out.  I like to use tape, because it makes fabric really easy.  Repeat the taping and cutting.


You should have two pieces of sweater.  Lay the pieces on top of each other, with the inside facing out (inside out).  Start at the bottom and sew your way around.  Don’t get discouraged, sweaters are sooo easy to sew.  When you’re finished you can add a little ball to the top, or a few buttons/embellishments along the bottom.

Winter Hat

J’adore my new hat.  It was tricky for me to incorporate a bold orange cardi into my wardrobe, but as a hat it’s a perfect pop of color.

Frock The Boat*