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Why buy on Black Friday, when you can DIY?

Upcycled Sweater

Not only did I make a hat out of this sweater, but I used the entire thing.  Here’s how to use fabric scraps to turn it out hunty…

1.  Easy Heart Tee

Easy Heart Tee

I had enough fabric left over to make a sweet little heart tee.

DIY Heart Tee

Start off with a basic tee.  Cut a heart out of an old sweater.  Attach the heart to the tee with duct tape, and sew it on.

2.  Sweater Collar 

DIY Sweater Collar

A sweater collar seriously took me five minutes to make.  Get a tee-shirt, and trace the basic shape of your collar to use as a template.  I actually have a fur collar from Forever21 that I used.  Cut the shape out of the sweater using pinking shears.

Sweater Collar

Attach a jump ring to one side, and a hook to the other.  Now your collar can close.  Soo easy, no sewing!

3.  Elbow Patches

DIY Elbow Patches

Elbow patches make a basic cardi/tee cool.  I felt like my white cardi was sad and dingy, elbow patches were the pick me up that it needed.

Easy Elbow Patches

Put on your tee/cardi, bend your arm, and put duct tape over the elbows.  Cut out two oval shapes from your old sweater.  Use a piece of duct tape to hold the patch in place (where the duct tape was previously placed), and sew.  These are actually really hard to sew.  You want to make sure the patch remains flat, I found it was easy to roll the sleeve up to get a close sew.

Sweater DIY

That’s how you werq the shizz out of an old sweater.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*