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Put a little holiday in your hair.

Holiday Hair

December is a busy month, there’s all kinds of holiday events that require your attendance.  It’s easy to take your work look to party ready, with a spritz of dry shampoo and a couple rhinestones.  Here’s how to sparkle this season…


You’ll need a hair comb, rhinestones, ribbon, and glue (which you can find at Michael’s or JoAnn’s).

DIY Christmas Bow

Cut two small pieces of ribbon, about 1.5 – 2 inches.  Shape the ribbon into a circle (or triangle), and glue various rhinestones to it.  Carefully glue each circle onto your hair comb.  Cut two more pieces of ribbon, about 1 inch long.  Glue the smaller pieces to the excess ribbon from the circles, this will create the bow effect.  Glue rhinestones to the ribbon, and cut off any excess fabric.

DIY Bow Clip

Sooo easy!  J’adore a hair comb.  Give yourself a deep side part, and pin the smaller side back with the bow clip… instant volume, instant glamour (just add red lips).  You can also tease the crown of head, pin a few pieces back, and carefully place the bow… so chic (add bold cat eyes for maximum fierceness).

Frock You*