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I came across drinkwel, when I received it in my FFF box.

Hangover Remedy

Much to my surprise, drinkwel reached out to me and offered to send some samples (for nothing in return).  Less than a week after I spoke with them, I received a fairly large package in the mail.  I was shocked that there was a personalized handwritten message at the top of this letter, with my name spelled right… that’s amazing, nobody ever spells my name right.


I think drinkwel is genius, because I like to party.  Drinkwel is a multivitamin, that helps replenish lost nutrients due to drinking a a a a a alcohol.  It also helps your hot bod process toxins.

Hangover Helper

My personal fave part of drinkwel, is that it happens to be a vegetarian pill… and I happen to be a vegetarian, simply for the fact that when I think about meat it grosses me out.  I’d never even consider a vitamin to be meaty, but now I’ll be on the lookout.

Drinkwel Supplement

Drinkwel essentially gave me enough capsules for 38 days of drinking, and the retail value is about $69.85… totally awesome.  Three capsules are equal to one drinkwel dose.  The way it works is, you take three capsules before you start drinking with food and water (or daily).  On nights that you know you’ll be drinking, you take three more capsules before bed (with a glass of water).  In my FFF review, I was bitching about how I’d forget to take the second dose if I’m drunk.  Mike (from drinkwel) suggested that I set my alarm to remind me to take the pills.  He also suggested putting the pills on my pillow before going out.  After doing my research, I found out he was one of the co-creators of drinkwel… so I should listen.  I decided to try drinkwel (for the first time), the night before Thanksgiving.


Lez be honest, the party don’t start till I walk in.  I took my pills with water, and I got my party on.  I didn’t listen to Mike, and I don’t really remember going to bed… but I know I didn’t take the second dose of capsules.  However, I did wake up around 3AM and I ran out to the kitchen in a panic, took my three capsules, chugged a vitamin water, and went back to bed.  The pugs woke me up around 7 because they were hungry,


and I felt good.  I didn’t feel the slightest bit groggy, I actually felt energized.  I felt like I had slept for ten hours, and I wasn’t dying of thirst.  I also wasn’t craving a greasy egg mcmuffin, I was totally content eating my usual oatmeal.  Since I forgot to take the second dose until later, I thought this could be some sort of placebo effect (I’m the type of person that rolls with a placebo).  So, I decided to test these bad boys again.  This time, I got a Blue Moon winter sampler, put on PJ’s, and watched Grimm.

Hangover Cure

I kept the second dosage on my coffee table, to remind me to take them.  I had about 4 (and a sip) beers, and I’m small… I’m most definitely a two beer queer.  I remembered to take the second batch of pills this time.  When I woke up I was bright-eyed, and bushy freakin tailed.  I was energized, I didn’t need my coffee (but I had it anyway), and my eyes weren’t the slightest bit bloodshot.  Looking back, my only issue was that I seemed to be dressed like Harry Potter.

I highly recommend drinkwel.  Not only is it ideal during holiday season, but it’s amazing for pretty much every weekend.  Drinkwel is a sickening party favor, and I think I saw something on their website about wedding favors… love it.  I know that I’m going to give the gift of drinkwel with any gifts involving alcohol this year.  How perfect is a bottle of wine, and a few packs of drinkwel.  Or some sort of cocktail kit, and drinkwel.  It’s amazing, I love it, and it works.  For any further information visit www.drinkwel.com.