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J’adore dipped pinecones…

Pinecone Garland

and that silver, it’s so hot right now.  But seriously, my Christmas decor is extremely non tradish.  I use pink, lime green, sequins, gold, and silver.  The only ornaments I allow on my tree are various silver balls, and I needed something to make the silver cohesive.  A dipped (spray painted) pinecone garland is easy to make, here’s how to turn one out…

DIY Pinecone Garland

You’ll need a bag of pinecones, ribbon, wire, and spray paint.  You can also use natural pinecones found outside, just bake them (for 45 mins at 200 degrees).

Christmas Pinecones

Take your pinecones outside, and section off 1/3 of each one with tape.  Spray paint the bottoms carefully, make sure you get all angles.  Let the pinecones dry.  If you want, you can also spray them with a finishing coat… I did.

Holiday Pinecone Garland

Decide where you want to hang your garland, measure the ribbon, and cut it.  Line up all of your pinecones and decide what order you want them to be in.  I usually use an odd number (so it can be centered), and start with the biggest pinecones.  Use wire to attach each pinecone to the ribbon.  Cut about 2-3 inch sections of wire, and wrap each section around the top of the pinecone.  Stick the wire through the ribbon, bend it like Beckham (tight, using pliers), and cut off any excess wire.  Deck the halls with your new garland.

Pinecone Decor

Metallic pinecones are everything.  Scott Calvin Santa’s probably dying to come down my chimney.

Jingle Bell Frock*