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Stuffing a stocking can be a bitch, little things always cost the most.

DIY Stocking Stuffer

It’s super easy to turn out your own stocking stuffers.  Just put on ABC Family, pour a glass of vino, and get your craft on.

Easy DIY Gift

You’ll need bobby pins, and faux flowers (or leaves, charms, anything really).   Secure all of your bobby pins to a piece of cardboard, and use a glue gun to attach the embellishment on the closed end.

DIY Bobby Pins

Remember, if you are using something made up of glitter… spray it first with a finishing coat (or you will have glitter in places you didn’t even know existed).

DIY Holiday Accessories

Knot a festive ribbon, and attach a few bobby’s… adorbs.  Bobby pins are an amazing gift because everyone uses them.  It doesn’t matter if the recipient is 5 or 45, they use bobby pins.  You can also make sets of different bobby pins by attaching, rhinestones, beads, bows, flowers… it’s like multiple gifts.

TGIF Hunty.

Party Like A Frock Star*