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Your hair can make or break your holiday look.

Holiday Headband

So, go all out with a glam headband.  This is also a superb way to make use of any broken necklaces.  Here’s how to put a little holiday in your hair…

DIY Headband

You’ll need chain, ribbon, and jump rings.  I decided to use a broken necklace, and the jump rings were still intact.  If you use a new chain, measure it, use wire cutters to cut the right length, and secure two jump rings to each end.

DIY Necklace

Cut a piece of ribbon large enough to tie in a bow, and pull it through both jump rings.  That’s it, you’re done.

DIY Holiday Headband

Subtle glamour, totes adorbs for Christmas or NYE.  Chain headbands also look sickening with your hair up or down, and…

DIY Holiday Necklace

you can wear it as a necklace too!  J’adore a multitasker.

Get Your Frock On*