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I love a monthly subscription…

Glam Bag

I also love this little bag, it’s tough but still cute.  I was kind of surprised the bag was black though, I was expecting something a bit more holiday-ish.  Did the inside live up to the outside?…

Sorry in advance for these bad pics.  I was probably yelling at the pugs or something, and didn’t even take a second look… oops.

pop beauty, Shadow Trio (Naturally Bare)

Natural Eyes

Love it.  I get down and dirty with natural shadows.  I’m like white as hell, so natural colors tend to werq well with my skin tone.  These shadows are surprisingly pigmented, you don’t need to use much.  There’s also a slight shimmer in each one.  All three shadows are extremely blendable.  Naturally bare is perfect for work, but can be amped up at night.  I’ll def incorporate this palette into my routine.

Mirabella, Eye Blender Brush

Makeup Brushes

I always like it when Ipsy includes makeup brushes, you can never have enough of them… and they’re something that I don’t generally spend a lot on.  At first I thought this brush was really heavy, but it’s amazing.  It’s like a super duper crease brush that has the magical ability to make any shadow look luxe, even wet n wild.

Be A Bombshell, The One Stick (Flustered)

Blush Stick

I cannot even look at bombshell makeup without hearing Nancy Grace in my head saying “bombshell tonight”.  Anyway, I like the concept of an all over stick, but a lot of them make me break out… so I was nervous.  This stick does not make me break out at all, it blends nicely, and the color is gorge.  The stick itself is huge, big enough to last throughout summer.  I’m hooked, I will totes buy this when I run out.  It’s most def a summer must have (I know, it’s barely winter).

NYX, Lipstick (CETO)


I’m still on the fence about this shade.  This lipstick glides on, and it stays in place.  It’s actually a really pretty shade (light mauve-y), but it’s sheer with a hint of shimmer.  I like my lip shades to be opaque with a bit more color.  I can’t tell if this hue washes me out, but I know it would look good on someone darker (and that’s pretty much anyone that’s not a ghost).

Nicka K New York, Nail Laquer (NY112, Classic Taupe)

Winter Nails

Finally, a nail color that I actually like!  I’m not big on nail art, glitter, or anything fun.  I like my nails short, clean, and plain.  I’m really into browns, and this taupe is the perfect fall/winter nude.  The polish covers everything with two coats, and it has a nice gloss finish.

The Verdict

Sweet end to the year.  I’d rather spend $10 on this Glam Bag than the following:

  • Two coconut waters.
  • One movie ticket.
  • The Vaseline skin care gift set.
  • A new calendar.
Ipsy Glam Bag’s are amazing, subscribe now.
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