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I was beyond excited when I got an email saying that my winter FFF box would be here early.

FabFitFun Box

I mean, I just got my fall box like last month.  The only bad thing is that I won’t get  another a box for about five months.  My first box was absolutely sickening, so I assumed this one would be too.  I didn’t even check out any spoilers, this box was a total surprise.  Here’s what I got…

The Giving Keys, Never Ending Necklace $55

Key Necklace

Sooo chic.  I checked out The Giving Keys website, and you’re supposed to eventually give this key to someone else.  Each key has a motivational word on it, mine says inspire… which is good, I need some new inspo.  The necklace is adorable, it’s a little rustic, a little edgy, and a little dainty.  The length is perfection, I hate little short necklaces.  This will match with everything that I own, and I probably won’t give it away.

Beauty For Real, Lip Gloss (Don’t Stop Red) $22

Lip Gloss

I’m typically not a gloss fan, but I think I just became one.  This red is ideal for winter.  It’s not to harsh, not to sheer, and it has plumpage in it!  Not only is the shade itself gorgeous, but the lip gloss has a mirror on so you can apply anywhere.  But that’s not all…

Flashlight Lip Gloss

The applicator is a freakin flashlight, you can apply this in the dark.  Whoever came up with this is a genius.

Lorna Jane, Bracelet $29.99

Lorna Jane

I don’t ever wear bracelets because I have baby wrists, but this one fits.  It’s not something that I’d typically be drawn towards, but I love the neon pink.  I think this would look amazing with little white tee dresses or sundresses.  Shockingly, I think I’m going to be rocking this when spring arrives.  Not only is it cute, but it’s supposed to remind you to “Move, Nourish, and Believe”… so deep.  I also got a 20% coupon for lornajane.com, but it needs to be used by 12/31/13 (not happening).

Bioxidea Miracle 24, Face Mask $19

Face Mask

Heavy duty.  When I put this mask on, I totes resembled Bloody Face from AHS Asylum… so I snapped a pic and sent it to everybody.  This mask wasn’t the slightest bit flimsy, I usually have a lot of troubs putting on paper masks (but this one isn’t really paper).  I left it on for thirty mins, layed down, and listened to Kathy Griffin’s most recent stand up special.  When I peeled it off, my face felt sooo tight (in a good way).  I LOVED this mask, but unless I become super rich I wouldn’t pay $19 for it (that’s like four lattes).

TrueEnergy, Inspired Earbuds 

Ear Buds

I am living for these headphones.  They have a splitter, so you and a friend can listen at the same time.  This is amazing for road trips, watching Netflix in bed, even sharing a pandy station at work.  I love it.

Skyn Iceland, Icelandic Relief Eye Cream $45

Eye Cream

I rarely buy eye cream, because it’s expensive as shizz.  So, I was really pleased with this.  It felt sooo good when I put it under my eyes, nice and cool.  The cream is unscented (I think), and it’s extraordinarily moisturizing.  It’s made with icelandic kelp, which makes me happy.  I really like kelp products, John Frieda used to have the best hair mask ever called Kelp Help… but sadly, it’s discontinued.  J’adore this cream, I’m going to be so sad when I run out.

Physique 57, Five Online Classes $25

Physique 57

Really cool idea.  Unfortunately, I probably wouldn’t do an online fitness class.  I would do something on my TV, but not computer or tablet…  my neighbor is always on his roof and I would be paranoid that he would see me in a compromising position, and I would have to pretend I didn’t see him on the roof.  I gave this to a friend.

MeUndies, Gift Card $20


I read something about MeUndies in a magazine, they have a 365 pack of undies (one for every day)… for $4,000.  I went to their website to check it out, and they only had a size small undies in a really dark grey which reminded me of gym teacher so I was sad.  Instead, I decided to order my bf a pair…


I’m jealous.

Simple, Foaming Facial Cleanser $7.49


J’adore cleanser, because it’s something that you will always need.  This one is big, and gentle… the perfect gentleman.  But seriously, it removes makeup easily and doesn’t sting you eyes.  I’ve never used this wash before, but I would def buy it when I run out.

NYX, Eye Shadow Palette (Prima Donna) $8

Winter Eyes

These shades are killer.  Once again, winter perfection.  The deep plums work with my eyes and skin tone, but they aren’t something that I would normally go for.  The palette is so cute, I love little bow closure.  I really like NYX products, so this was a sweet bonus.

The total value of my FFF box is $271.47, and I paid $49.99… sooo worth it.  That means that I essentially got $221.48 worth of products for free, that’s amazing.  This is by far my fave subscription ever, and I highly recommend it.  Get on board for the spring box, and use my link to sign up http://vip.fff.me/jdzL.  All you have to do is click the link, fill out a little profile, and boom you’re done.  I can’t wait for spring… I’m already craving florals.

Frock You*