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Everyone parties hard on New Years, and everybody most people welcome the new year with a  raging hangover.  Here’s a few tips on how to get through the first hangover of the year.

1.  Pedialyte Before The Night


Yeah, I get down and dirty with fake Pedialyte… it’s cheaper.  Anyway, drink a whole container before going out on NYE (or ever).  This will pre hydrate you, and you won’t feel as bad the next morning.  Plus, you won’t have to drink it the next day.

2.  At An Early Hour, Take A Shower

Survive A Hangover

After a night of drinking, you wake up early.  I tend wake up around 5 or 6, and sometimes I’m still drunk.  Usually I feel good during this time, until about 10… that’s when the hangover starts to kick in.  As soon as you wake up, do anything that needs to be done.  Feed your animals, let them outside, pop 2-4 Aleve, and take a shower.  Make sure that you wash your hair.  There’s nothing grosser than being hungover with party hair (it smells, and it’s crusty). You’ll be sooo pleased with yourself later.

3.  Get Greasy 

Hangover Helper

Go get a greasy breakfast sandwich while your still awake.  Keep it somewhat healthy with an egg mcmuffin or flatbread sammie.  Chug a Vitamin Water, Powerade, or Gatorade with breakfast.  You’ll prob feel like shizz immediately after eating, so go back to bed.  Thank god you washed your hair.

4.  TV Time

Lazy Day

Bundle up in a big cozy blanket, and keep the remote within arms reach.  Get comfy, it’s going to be a long day hunty.

5.  New Year’s Marathon

New Years

New Year’s Day is full of amazing marathons.  Last year, I watched Wife Swap for twelve hours straight.  Reality TV marathons are awesome, you can nod off and pretty much wake up where you left off.

6.  Stay Hydrated


Keep drinking water, and order a pizza for dinner.  Take some NyQuil, go to bed early, look sickening, and make them eat it at work/school tomorrow.