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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.



Baths are so freakin relaxing before bed, especially when you don’t have to wash your hair.  I’ve been taking my tablet with me, setting it up on the toilet, and watching tv in the tub… that’s a good Saturday night.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye

I just noticed that Queer Eye’s on Netflix, and I’ve been watching the shizz out of it.  It’s a perfect background show.  It doesn’t distract me from what I’m doing, and I like to listen.  I miss this show, cheers queers.



Instead of having toast for breakfast, I’ve been getting down and dirty with a Bolthouse or Naked.  I’ve been reading a lot about juicing, and I’m interested… but it’s like really expensive.


I try to eat and drink organic, and I saw these glorious juice boxes at Target.  They’re fabulous, sometimes I get sick of water and these are a nice substitute.

Dollar Finds

Dollar Finds

It makes me really happy when I can find things for $1.  I always browse the little $1 section at Target, and it’s usually a hit or miss.  This week, I was pretty excited about my findings.  For $4 I got Eucalyptus bath salts, a little notebook, and sleep mask… all total necessities.

Natural Eyes

Natural Eye

Wet N Wild has sickening eyeliner, I always pick a few up whenever I’m at Rite Aid.  Recently, I’ve been into really fresh no makeup looks.  Sometimes dark brown and black eyeliner can be harsh (especially when you’re winter pasty), and I found the perfect taupe eyeliner… it’s in the shade “Taupe”, and it can also work on your brows.  To enhance your eyes a little bit, a nice rose gold dusting is ideal.  I found a shadow pencil in the shade “Pixie” that is perfection.  I love a shadow pencil, they’re so easy.

Sick Hack

Sick Hack

I had a killer cold last week, and I hate being stuffed up at work.  I realized I could have some serious relief if I emptied out a chapstick, and filled it with vapor rub.  One quick swipe, and I can breathe again.  Why isn’t this a real product?  Vicks should totally be making this, everyone would buy it.

Pug Walks

Pug Walks

Everyone keeps telling me that the pugs are fat, although I like to think of them as pleasantly plump… like Tracy Turnblad.  I’ve been walking the little meatballs every day, and tracking their walks with a pedometer… nerdy right?  I’ve kind of become obsessed.


Fave Snap

J’adore Snapchat, I snap all day long.  This was by far my fave snap this week.  When I see the word wig (especially big and bold), I think of Nene screaming “Wig” at Kim… and it makes me want to watch old episodes of RHOA.

Cloud Beds

Cozy Bed

I’ve always wanted my bed to look and feel like cloud, now it does.  I finally broke down and bought a white comforter (on sale… werq), but it scares me.  As you can see above, the pugs sleep in the bed (because they’re people too), and I just get nervous that they’ll track little muddy paws everywhere.

What I’m Hating

That fine line between boyfriend jeans, and mom jeans.

Mom Jeans

First off, how the hell is this a size 2… these are like freakin jnco’s, I could fit my whole body in one leg.  Second, these are not boyfriend jeans unless your boyfriend happens to be a soccer mom.  I don’t understand why boyfriend jeans are never consistent.  I knew I was taking a big risk when I ordered boyfriend jeans from Old Navy, but whatever $25 is a risk I’m willing to take.  When I opened the package containing these jeans, I wasn’t even mad… I couldn’t stop laughing.  This is the fugliest pair of jeans I’ve seen since 1999.  And that length, gross.  These pants are short as hell.  I’ve learned my lesson, and I will never ever order pants from Old Navy again.  But the real question is…

Do I want to DIY these into high-waisted shorts, or keep them intact and go as Nancy Grace for Halloween this year?

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*