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You told me to stay subscribed…

January Birchbox

So I did.  At first I kind of regretted listening… but even when my box sucks, it’s exciting to get something in the mail that’s not a bill.  Here’s what I got.

Fekkai, Brilliant Glossing Shampoo + Conditioner


I don’t love getting shampoo and condiish samples, but I appreciate when they come as a matching pair.  I do happen to love Fekkai products, but I would never spend $50 on shampoo and conditioner… unless I’m rich bitch, like Nene Leakes.  Anyways, of course this combo was awesome.  It smelled amazing, it was natural but good natural (not like oatmeal, like an herb garden).  My hair felt amazing after using this, it was shiny and looked like I just went and got a treatment at a salon.  My hair color was brighter, and my hair was insanely silky.  The following day it was a little greasy, but dry shamp can easily fix that.  I would totally buy this… if I was a millionaire.

Coastal Scents, Revealed Eye Shadow Palette Sampler

Spring Eyeshadow

Yuck.  I despise Coastal Scents eyeshadow samples (Glam Bags have them all the time).  I don’t like them because they’re messy.  It’s hard to store them, they like leak shadow everywhere.  However, I do like the shadows.  They have a nice consistency, and they don’t crease.  These are also my kind of colors, natural with a twist.

Harvey Prince, Journey

Harvey Prince

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like all Harvey Prince perfumes kind of smell the same.  This one has notes of South African Freesia, Japanese Orange Flower, and Moroccan Rose, and I’m not a huge fan.  It’s not repulsive, but it smells older… I like young fresh scents.  The fragrance is called Journey, and unfortunately the journey that it takes me on is to a well dressed grandmothers bedroom.  I will say the more this scent is on me, the less I dislike it (I think).

Birchbox Find: Burt’s Bees Day Lotion

Burts Bees

This was my Birchbox find this month, so technically it’s an extra.  I like Burt’s Bees, it’s ok.  It’s never what I gravitate towards when I’m buying lotion, and this won’t really change my mind.  This was the size of a lip balm, and there was enough lotion to cover my entire body once.  I didn’t really find anything special about the lotion.  It smelled good (very faint though), and I didn’t see any difference hydration-wise between this and any other lotion.  I would’ve prefered a chapstick, it would last longer.

The Verdict

Boring, but I don’t hate it.  I felt like this box was trying to convey a fresh start, like New Year’s.  The products seemed very fresh, clean, and natural.  I’ll use everything (except the perfume), but nothing thrilled me.  I’d rather spend $10 on this Birchbox than the following:

  • 10 McDoubles (I don’t eat meat)
  • A handle of Burnett’s vodka
  • Lunch for someone else
  • 1 matinée ticket to any movie out right now

I’ll try to remember to have no expectations next month.

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