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I love some slouchy wear.

DIY Skirt

It’s easy to take an old slouchy dress to a sickening new skirt, no sewing necessary!  This is the perfect way to revamp your wardrobe, without springing forward too early.

Easy No Sew Skirt

You’ll need an old slouchy dress, you can use a tee dress, sweater dress, or old shift.  Use fabric scissors to cut the dress into two pieces, right under the arm holes (you can always cut more fabric away, but it’s harder to add it back).  Set the top portion aside, you may want to use it later.  The bottom portion will be your skirt.

No Sew Skirt

Measure your skirt to determine how long you want it to be, and cut it to that length (leave a few additional inches for the waist area).  Turn the skirt inside-out, and fold the top over so it’s nice and even.  Use fabric glue to secure this fold.

DIY No Sew Skirt

This step is optional, but if you’d like to add belt loops it’s super easy.  You’ll need about six two-inch strips of fabric, I used the straps from the original dress.  Use fabric glue (or a needle + thread) to secure each strip along the waist of the dress.  I think looks best when you put two in the front, two in the back, and one on each side.

Save An Old Skirt

While you wait for the glue to dry, take an old razor and give your skirt a quick shave… it will remove any pills, and make it look new.

DIY Slouchy Skirt

Add a ribbon or belt at the waist, and your done.  Not only are slouchy clothes comfortable, but they’re stylish too… just remember, slouchy not saggy (there’s a fine line).

Frock On*