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I’m living for spring florals.

Spring Florals

I guess I’ve been dying for spring because it’s been like 12 degrees here.  I know it’s a little early, but I’m feeling these dainty florals paired with unexpected accents like leather or black.  A floral maxi looks edgy and stylish when rocked with a cropped leather jacket.  You can even wear a floral mini now, with black tights and a black sweater… so chic.  Always remember, floral scents never go out of style hunty.  Here’s how you can werq the trend now…

Little Floral Dress

Floral Dress

I love this dress.  Tee dresses are amazing, they can be dressed up or down.  You could easily wear this to work with a charcoal blazer and tights, or to the dog park with a denim jacket.  It’s insanely versatile, and I like that it looks like a shirt and skirt.  You can order this skirt from Victoria’s Secret for $49.50 (make sure to check retailmenot for promo codes), and it comes in four different colors!

Patterned Blouse

Floral Blouse

When I want something girly and fabulous, I go straight to Lauren Conrad.  J’adore her Kohl’s line, and it’s affordable.  A floral blouse can be worn a bajillion different ways.  You can pair it with skinnies, bf jeans, white jeans, pencil skirts, flippy minis, even shorts.  This shirt is a flattering color for all skin tones, and the ruffle acts as jewelry… you don’t even need a necklace!  This shirt is currently on sale at Kohl’s for $26.40, snatch it up before it’s gone girl.

Tea Time

Floral Teapot

Awww, this little teapot is like what my dreams are made of (when I don’t watch CSI or AHS before bed).  It’s so dainty, so pretty, and so classy.  I feel like tea is really hot right now, since everyone’s on these (possibly fake) health kicks.  However, tea is awesome after a workout or before bed.  I would totes throw a tea party just to show off this pot.  You can order it via Amazon for $34.95.

Neck Action

Floral Necklace

What better way to dress up a boring tee or blouse?  I’m kind of over scarves right now (that will last for a week), and I’ve been into statement bib necklaces.  This one is beautimous, and a nice price.  It’s available at Forever21 for $10.80… total steal (screw you Jcrew).

Girly Headies

Floral Headphones

These aren’t really practical, but they’re fun.  Excellent use of spring colors, I see some radiant orchid, mint, ballet pink, even dandelion.  Floral headphones are the ultimate headband.  These headies are also available on Amazon for $29.99, so you can order the teapot and headphones at the same time.

Roses are red, violets are blue, florals are hot, and so are you.

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