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It’s the freakin weekend, baby I’m about to have me some fun…

Party Time

Rose has been all the rage lately, as it should be seeing as Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  Not only is rose amazing in tea, toner, and water… it makes for one classy cocktail too.  Here’s how to DIY your own rose flavored vodka.

DIY Vodka Infusion

You’ll need vodka, something to store it in (like a mason jar or pitcher), and a few roses.

DIY Rose Vodka

I like to use Skinnygirl vodka because it’s cleaner and healthier… but you can use any type you want (however, I would steer clear of anything cheaper than Svedka).  Same goes for the roses, but I like to use red and pink for color.

Rose Flavored Vodka

Place the rose petals in your sealable container, I think that the petals from two roses is sufficient (unless you’re making a giant batch).  Carefully pour the vodka over the rose petals, and gently submerge the petals using a large spoon (or spatula, or fork, or your hand).  Store the vodka in a cool dry place for 4-7 days.

V-Day Cocktails

Strain the vodka using a coffee filter, it will remove any petal debris.

Easy Rose Infused Vodka

You can package the vodka as a gift, or keep it for yourself.  Filling a few small mason jars with 2 shots of rose vodka and tying it to a mini bottle of club soda (with a red ribbon), makes a gorgeous V-Day gift for friends, coworkers, or family members.

Rose Vodka

J’adore the natural flavor of rose in a cocktail, it’s so fresh.  Here’s a few ways to make the most of your rose infused vodka:

  • Pair it with club soda.  It’s low in fat and calories, and it’s a nice change from all the berry flavored vodkas out there.
  • Serve it as a chilled shot, and use sugar to coat the shot glass rim.
  • For a sophisticated martini, fill a martini glass with rose vodka.  Add a splash of sweet tea, and garnish with a rose petal.

Get your infusion on.

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