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Everything’s coming up roses.

DIY Sugar Scrub

Seriously, V-Day is almost here.  I usually stick to salt scrubs, but I wanted to make this scrub super sweet (for Valentine’s Day), so I used sugar instead.  Not only do the rose petals make this scrub gorgeous, but it’s amazing for your skin, and it’s all natural.  Here’s my recipe…

DIY Valentine's Gift

You’ll need a 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of olive oil, and a rose.  Keep in mind, body scrubs are one of the easiest things to modify.  You could swap out the sugar for salt, use essential oils instead of olive oil, or even use a different type of flower… use what you have.

Rose Petal Body Scrub

Pull the petals of the rose, and finely chop them.  I’m not talking chiffonade here, dice that shizz.

DIY Body Scrub

Add all the ingredients into a bowl, and mix it up.  Make sure everything is evenly coated with olive oil.  If there’s not enough oil for you, add more (one teaspoon at a time).  If it’s too oily for you, add more sugar (one teaspoon at a time).  When you like the consistency of the scrub, package it up.  If it’s just for you, put it in tupperware and toss it in your shower.  However, this scrub does make a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift.

DIY VDay Gift

To gift this scrub, all you have to do is put it in a little jar.  You can find small mason jars at any local craft store for $1 – $2 a piece.  If you want to take it a step further, decorate the jar using a heart-shaped stamp, tape, and nail polish.

Rose Sugar Scrub

Top it off with a festive bow.  This is an adorable gift for girlfriends or coworkers, and it doesn’t cost much.