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There’s a lot of planning that goes into a Valentines Day outfit.

DIY Valentines Shirt

You have to figure out what kind of look you want to go for… sexy, romantic, pretty, angry, red, black, pink?  The perfect outfit is everything.  Here’s an easy DIY that can werq with any look that you’re going for.

DIY Valentines Sweater

You can use any tee, dress, or lightweight sweater that you have.  I opted for a long grey sweater, and cut the sleeve cuffs + bottom off… I hate constricting clothes (but that’s just me).

DIY Floral Shirt

To make your frock V-Day chic, you’ll need faux flowers and a glue gun.  I wanted to use fake roses, but I didn’t like the red options (they were very Ronald McDonald).  So, I ended up with this bad boy.  Remove the flower(s) from the stem, and carefully deconstruct them.  You’ll most likely have to give the petals a little shape, because they’re prob origami’d out.

Valentines DIY

Once the petals are removed and separated, you need to mess around with the layout.  Five petals seem to make a perfect shoulder embellishment.  Use two larger petals at the top, two mid-sized petals underneath, and one small petal under that.  When you like the layout, use a glue gun to attach all the petals.  After the glue dries, carefully use the glue gun to secure the floral shoulder to your shirt/dress/sweater.  I left a portion unglued, because I like the sharpness.