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I really hate cliché holiday looks.

Valentines Style

Yes, hearts are cute… but red hearts everywhere is overkill.  I like V-Day, and I think you can celebrate in an understated way.  I’m totally feeling hearts in non traditional Valentines shades, like green and gold.  I couldn’t find any reasonably priced items that I loved, so I figured I’d do a little DIY.  Here’s how you can werq V-Day my way…

DIY Heart Tee

Adding a gold heart to an old tee literally took me ten minutes!

DIY VDay Tee

You’ll need the following:

  • An old tee.
  • A heart stencil.  I just googled heart templates, picked a shape that I liked, and cut the shape out.
  • Fabric paint, I used gold.
  • A sponge brush.

Valentines Tee

Place your heart stencil onto your shirt and tape down the edges.  Carefully add fabric paint to the center of the heart, and use the sponge brush to dab it around.  Make sure you hold the paper down with your hands while dabbing around the edges (or you won’t stay in the lines).  When the heart is filled in, remove the stencil and let it dry completely.  I like using a sponge brush, because it gives the heart a slightly unfinished and rougher look.