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Remember in elementary school when everybody got Valentines?

Easy Valentines Gift

I do.  Even though you’re all grown up, Valentines still make you feel good.  It’s easy to bring back that old school tradish, and you don’t even have to spend a lot…  it’s all about the packaging hunty.  Here’s how to throw together an adorable V-Day gift bucket.

Valentines Friend Gift

You’ll need some sort of gift box/basket/bucket.  Target has a lot of cute options in the $1 section, I love these little buckets… so that’s what I went with.  The Valentine’s Day buckets were to cliché for me, so I jazzed up a regular pink one.

Quick Vday Gift

I used a heart stamper that I had from Michael’s ($3), painters tape, and a gold leafing pen.  Good idea, but I should’ve used nail polish instead of a gold leafing pen.  The pen leaked under the tape, and it made my hearts a little messy.  If you don’t want to fancify your bucket, that’s ok.


You’ll need some type of filler for your bucket.  I like to use kisses because they’re all wrapped, so each kiss is germ free… just the way I like them.  You could really use any type of candy, or even tissue paper.

V Day Gift

Then you’ll need a few little gifts.  Once again, check out Target’s $1 section.  Bath products are always a good idea, everyone loves a bath.  You know what else everyone loves?… Alcohol.  Grab a tiny bottle, Van Gough makes a dutch chocolate flavor that’s perfect for V-Day.


Don’t forget to add something fun.


Top it off with something pretty.

Valentine's Gift

I was able to put each bucket together for $6 per bucket.  Here’s the breakdown…

  • Bucket = $1
  • Bag of kisses = $3 (1 bag was enough for 3 buckets)
  • E.L.F. All Over Stick = $1
  • Sleep mask = $1
  • Bath salts = $1
  • Mini Van Gough = $2

These little buckets make amazing gifts for friends or coworkers.  Not only are they beautimous, but they’ll brighten up anyones V-Day.

Frock Out*