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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Wake Up Workouts

Home Workout

I hate doing an intense workout when I first wake up, it makes me gag.  However, if I do a 30 minute pilates/yoga/barre workout when I wake up I don’t feel like a fat pig.  A morning workout helps me make better food choices, and I end up having extra time to watch the Today show… I love me some Al Roker.

Evgeni Plushenko’s Pony Bomb

I found this disgustingly amazing video on Buzzfeed.  It’s a bizarre skating routine dubbed to Pony, and it makes me laugh every single time I watch it.

Yes To Everything


I love every single Yes To product, but the grapefruit line is by far my fave.  When I went to Target last week they had a little special and one pack of wipes + body wash was only $9!  I freaking love this body wash, it has the perfect amount of exfoliation.  I think it’s a must with self tanning season approaching.

Herbal Essences Naked Line


I have a love/hate relationship with Herbal Essences.  I love the products for like two weeks, then I’m over them.  Since the Naked line is new, I love it.  Everything in this line smells amazing, but this is the best product.  It’s not really a mousse (so it doesn’t make your hair hard), Herbal Essences calls it a volumizing souffle.  It has the same texture as a mousse though.  I’ve been using it on wet hair after showering, and it gets rid of frizz + gives me volume.  I don’t know if I’ll get sick of this souffle, I hope not.

Nail Color Du Jour

Spring Nails

Recently, I’ve had nail color ants in the pants.  I usually find a color that I like and wear it for 75% of the month.  For the past month, I’ve been wearing a completely different color every week.  I love Covergirl Outlast nail colors, but they never have anything new… so I had to switch Sinful Colors (mainly because they’re $2).  This week, I’m into the shade Thimbleberry (#108).  This shade is like a cross between coral and poppy, and I think it will look good throughout summer.

A Pug’s Guide To Dating


I love Gemma Correll’s pugs, I’m obsessed with them.  Her little books are the shizz.

Pretty Beans

Pretty Beans

Why wouldn’t you love a sparkly jellybean?



It’s about freaking time.  I’ve always hated RHOC, Jersey needs to back off of the Giudice drama (unless it’s Gorga screaming at a Christening), and Beverly Hills is nothing without Alison Dubois.  I love me some Kenya Moore, but I miss She By Sheree and Kim.  I’ve always loved RHONY, and Radzi is prob my fave housewife ever.  Thank god it’s almost turtle time.

What I’m Hating



I don’t mind snow in December and January, but right now I have spring fever.  I hate it when salt gets tracked inside, and I hate the salt trucks even more.  Everytime a salt truck drives by, the pugs go buckwild and I can’t hear the TV.  But you know what I hate even more than the salt trucks?… Whiny bitches.  I can’t stand it when people bitch on FB + Twit about how BGE (or any freaking utility) sucks for not restoring their power.  Put on a sweatshirt and shut up.  Obviously these people have enough power to update the world on their whereabouts, and the more they complain… the longer I hope their power stays off.

Shut The Frock Up*