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Everyone deserves a gold star at some point in their lives.

DIY Gold Star Tee

I love basic tee’s with small prints or silhouettes on them.  The ones that I really like can cost a pretty penny, so I decided to DIY what I wanted.  If you didn’t get a gold star in school, now is your time to shine hunty.  Here’s how to make a gold star tee-shirt (or anything really).

Tee Shirt DIY

Start off with an old (or plain) piece of clothing.  I decided to use an old tee from Forever21, I don’t know why but I never wear it.

DIY Tee Shirt

To transform your tee, you’ll need gold fabric paint, a star puncher, and painters tape.

Gold Star Tee

Punch stars out of the painters tape, I think I used about 15 – 20.  Place a piece of cardboard inside of you shirt, and carefully scatter the stars across the front.  Make sure you firmly press down on each one, securing the tape to the shirt.  When you’re happy with the design, use a makeup brush to paint a layer of gold fabric paint over each star. Once all the stars are gold, remove the tape.  It’s important to remove the tape before the paint dries, or it could pull off part of the star.  When everything is dry, repeat this process on the back (if you want to, I didn’t).


J’adore the way this shirt turned out.  The stars are light and delicate, making this shirt appropriate for any environment.  It will look good paired with jeans, or tucked into a skirt.

Be a star.

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