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Don’t lose your marbles over stylish glassware…

Marbled Glassware

It’s easy to turn basic glasses into chic pieces.  I’ve been loving the watercolor trend in fashion right now, and I wanted to test it out in the kitchen.  Here’s how to take your glassware from drab to fab.

DIY Watercolor Glasses

All you need is a couple glasses, mod podge, and food coloring.  Any type of glass will work, I think this would be really cute on champagne flutes (sexy brunch realness).

Stylish Glassware

Use a paper towel or toilet paper roll, and open it up.  You could also just use a bowl, but you can just throw the cardboard away when done (no cleaning).  Pour a little bit of Mod Podge into your makeshift bowl, and add a few drops of food coloring.  Use a sponge brush (or q-tip), to carefully swirl the color… do not mix it completely, you want a marbled effect.

DIY Marbled Glasses

Use tape to section off your glass, I went for a very simple design.  Dip your sponge brush into the Mod Podge mix, and dab it on your glass.

Marbled Glasses

Continue dabbing until you’ve covered the sectioned off area.  Remove the tape, and let the Mod Podge dry.  When your glasses have dried, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge (without food coloring) to seal and smooth everything.  Once the second coat has dried, gently hand wash the glasses and use!

Watercolor Glasses

I don’t know if I see these glasses as half empty or half full, but I know that they’re 100% cool… and definitely not dishwasher safe.  However, if you want to marble match your glasses for different events, then go ahead and put those bad boys in the dishwasher.