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I love mixing textures.

Pleats and Sweaters

That’s why guac and chips are so good together.  Guacamole is smooth and creamy, while chips are hard and crunchy.  Well, the same idea goes for clothing.  Sweaters are soft and bulky, while pleats are straight and structured… thus making the perfect texture combo.  It doesn’t matter if a sweater is long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or even cropped, when paired with pleats you can make it work.  Here are my fave ways to style the look.

Bulky Long Sleeves + Pleated Mini

Pleated Mini

I’m all about chosing a feature and showing it off.  If you want to show off your legs, keep the top conservative.  A thick long-sleeved sweater brings balance to a pleated mini, and it’s stylish.  I currently love this look paired with tights and heeled oxford’s, but when it warms up it will be just as sickening sans tights + wedges.  This sweater is currently available at Old Navy for $20, and everyone needs the perfect spring sweater.  You can find the skirt at Mango for $40, and the neutral color makes it seasonally versatile.

Cropped Sweater + Pleated Midi

Pleated Midi

Midi skirts have managed to become my fave style.  They’re work appropriate, chic, and flattering.  A cropped sweater adds edge to pleated midi.  Cropped sweaters are trendy, while pleated midis remain a classic piece… opposites attract hunty.  This midi is available online at Dorothy Perkins for $39, and I’m loving the soft pink.  The cropped sweater can be found at Topshop for $45, and would also pair well with high-waisted shorts.

Short Sleeves + Pleated Maxi

Pleated Maxi

Everyone should own this outfit.  You can literally wear it to almost any occasion… Easter brunch, a wedding/baby shower, lunch, work, errands, dinner, a bar, a meeting, and on your couch while you watch Netflix.  It’s gone with the wind fabulous.  I actually ordered this sweater from Forever 21 (for $17.80), and it’s my go to top.  Shockingly it’s made very well, and is def a quality buy.  You can find the skirt at Piperlime for $44.97, and orange is sooo right now.  Not only does this shade pop against neutrals, but it would look stunning with nautical stripes.

Slip into the hot pleat.