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A lot of people hate spring cleaning, but I freaking love it.

Spring Cleaning

You have to start somewhere, so choose a starting point.  I love when I see closet + storage DIY’s (on brit.co, buzzfeed, laurenconrad.com), but they aren’t realistic at all… unless you’re rich bitch.  Most people that I know, have little to no closet space.  You just need a few hours, and a killer playlist to get organized.

Pump Up The Jams

I’ve been all about playlists lately.  With the right playlist, you can get anything done.  All of these songs make me want to have fun, so I will while I clean.

Enlist A Friend

Spring Cleaning How To

Remember in the Sex And The City movie where all the girls essentially help Carrie clean her closet?… nobody really thinks that’s a good Saturday night.  When drinks are involved shizz gets messy, and you want a clean closet.  I think it’s best to ask a bud to help you in the morning.  Make sure you grab breakfast and coffee for your helper.  I also like to shower before a closet clean, put on easily removable clothes, and no deodorant (until after trying things on)… ain’t nobody got time for deodorant stained clothing.

Remove Your Clothes

Closet Cleaning Tips

Remove the items that can be worn now, and in spring/summer.  When I go shopping, I look for things that can be worn year round.  Sometimes a simple sun dress can not only look stunning on its own during summer, but can be paired with boots and a cardi for fall, worn with tights and a chunky sweater in winter, and rocked with booties and a cropped denim jacket during spring… use your brain.

Sort It Out

Spring Cleaning Tips

Make piles everywhere, sort things.  I start off putting everything that can be worn year round in one pile.  I have a pile for questionable items (that I will try on later), and one for pieces that I will never wear.  I also remove all winter/fall items and organize them by color, type of clothing, and sleeve length (i.e. grey, dress, short sleeve).  If you have an extremely small closet, group all of the heavy winter/fall items, package them, and store them.  If your closet can hold everything, keep the winter/fall items on one side and spring/summer on the other.  Put everything back into the closet in an organized fashion (color coded by sleeve length), you’ll be able to find things easily.

Keep Me Maybe

Closet Organization

Try on the questionable items to determine whether or not they’re keepers.  If you don’t like the way the piece looks, jack it up (like Say Yes To The Dress).  Add shoes, accessories, or a belt… perhaps it will become an instant fave.  Remember, belts can completely change a dress.

Make Fave Items Visible

Spring Clean

Fun fact about me, I only own 3 pairs of jeans (and 2 of them are colored)… I’m just not a pants girl.  If you have shelving, fold and stack your jeans according to color and style.  Fold and stack scarves too.  If you’re really limited on room, roll scarves up tightly and place them in a drawer, or drape them all over a hanger or two.  I like to keep the shoes that I wear often in a caddy, and I always keep a pair of nude flats in my purse.  When your closet is organized, it’s easy to get dressed.



Donate the items that you never wear.  It doesn’t matter if they were expensive, if you don’t wear it… it’s just wasting space.  Purple Heart will pick up your clothing for you, so you don’t even have to go anywhere!

Cleanliness is next to godliness hunty.