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I totally suck at sleeping, I always have.  This is why the Daylight Savings Time that just occurred is probably my least favorite day of the year.  I severely plan my entire day, but losing one little hour still rocks my world.  I really don’t know why, if I had that extra hour I’d probably just be Buzzfeeding anyway.  So, I use all kinds of sleep aids… ZzzQuil, NyQuil, Benadryl, Theraflu tea, regular tea, street Valium, Febreze sleep sprays, lavender, and pretty much anything that says sleep or relax.  I actually like ZzzQuil a lot, but it leaves me a little sleepy in the morning.  I don’t know what I was reading recently (I think it was Cosmo), and I saw something about Neuro Sleep water.

Neuro Drinks

Whatever I read said that this water is spiked with melatonin, and was available at Target.  I actually came across the waters at RoFo, and had to try them.  I was kind of on edge at work (all day, every day), which made me eager to try the Bliss drink.  I was caught of guard by the Bliss water, it was carbonated… and it tasted like a blue slushie.  I guess I expected it to taste like lavender and chamomile.  After drinking the whole bottle, I really did feel calm(er).  I have to do more experiments with the Bliss drink, because I could be experiencing the placebo effect.

Neuro Water

When I got home I read reviews on the Neuro Sleep water.  The majority of them were pretty good.  I decided to try the water on Friday night, and drank it while I watched Grimm.  I felt relaxed, but I could have easily stayed awake for another show.  While reading the reviews, I learned that melatonin does not make you tired… but it helps you fall asleep quickly.  I think I fell asleep almost immediately, and I could feel my whole body getting heavy.  I went to bed at 10, and the pugs managed to wake me up around 1:30.  When I woke up I was really confused, and I felt like I had been sleeping for hours.  After I let the piggies out I had no problem going back to sleep.  I woke up (for real) at 7, and I wasn’t tired at all.

Sleep Water

So far I think this water is amazing.  I’m going to try it again tonight, and I have a few other people testing it out with me.  The water helped me sleep without making me drowsy in the morning.  The Neuro Sleep did give me vivid dreams, but I think lucid dreams are everything hunty.  I can’t remember what I dreamt about, so I assume it wasn’t scary.  I’m happy with my purchase ($2.39 per bottle), and I def recommend it.

Has anyone else gotten down and dirty with Neuro?  I freakin hate manic Mondays, I wish it were Sunday.