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You can never have enough tote bags.

DIY Tote

Especially with warmer weather coming!  Totes make easy pool/beach bags, you can use them as grocery bags, they’re awesome for the dog park, and they just rock.  Here’s how to turn out a little spring tote.

DIY Tote Bag

You’ll need the following:

  • 2 iron on transfers (make sure you mirror image them).
  • Some sort of bag.  I used the cloth bag that sheet sets come in, but you can easily use a pillow case too.  In fact, you can even cheat and buy a plain canvas tote.
  • A belt, or something to use for handles.
  • A glue gun, iron, and fabric scissors.

DIY Spring Tote

Cut your iron on transfers out, and cut your belt (or whatever you’re using for straps) to a length that you like.  I thought my belt was kind of fugly, so I ended up painting it light pink.

Easy DIY Tote

If you’re using a pillowcase or sheet bag, turn it inside-out and figure out what length you want it to be.  I’m not down with a bizarre long bag, so I wanted mine shorter.  Use bobby pins to secure the fold, then flip right-side-out.  Follow your transfer papers directions and iron the images onto each side of the bag.  I’m really bad at iron on transfers, but it doesn’t matter… this ain’t no Birkin hunty.

No Sew Tote Bag

Once everything is ironed on, flip the bag inside-out again.  Use a glue gun (or fabric glue) to secure the fold that the bobbys were holding.

No Sew Tote

After the fold has dried, use the glue gun to attach your tote handles.  I ended up using a few pieces of scrap leather to cover the spot where the handles were glued… it was not pleasing to my eyes.  When all the glue has dried, flip the bag right-side-out and rock the shizz out of it.

Pug Tote

I love my totes little pink handles, and I love that it’s made from a sheet bag… I always feel like I shouldn’t throw them away.

Totes McGotes.

Frock Out*