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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Wire Headbands

Wire Headband

I’ve been loving wire headbands lately.  You can style them to go with almost any outfit, and they’re a nice a pop of spring.  It’s like the American version of a fascinator.  I think it’s time for turban headbands to move over… it’s all about the wire.  Forever 21 has a lot of cute options available for like $3 – $4.

Pretty Brushes

Floral Brush

I really don’t replace my brushes often, and they aren’t something that I like to spend a lot on.  When I do replace them, I go to Target and get a standard black Goody one.  I found this brush at Forever 21, and I love it.  I feel so fancy when I use it, like I should be wearing a chiffon nightgown and sitting in front of a classic white vanity.  This probably isn’t the best brush, but it makes me feel pretty.

Nail Color Du Jour

Spring Nails

After trying orange lips, I’ve been giving shades of orange more of a chance.  I’ve been interested in this Sinful Colors shade for a few weeks now, but I felt like it was too early for it… and it was orangey.  I finally picked it up, and it’s perfection.  This shade (Hazard #952) is a nice coral orange.  It’s light enough to be neutral with a little bit of style.  I never thought I’d be pro orange, but this shade will flatter every single skin tone (and it’s $2).

Benifit’s Porefessional

Pore Help

I actually got this as a sample when I ordered something through Birchbox, and I ended up loving it.  I don’t really give a shit about pores, and I’ve never given mine any special care.  However, after using this I noticed my face looked a lot smoother.  It was almost like applying an Instagram filter to my face.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Similar to orange, I always thought that I hated coconut.  I’ve always loved the scent, but not the food or flavor.  Turns out, I just have a textural problem with shredded coconut!  After seeing how cool coconut water has become, I’ve found myself drinking it more and more.  I used to just grab it at a gas station or something, but now it’s become a fridge must have.  I like to drink a large glass of coconut water after working out, the pineapple is my fave… but the regular is always on sale at Target.

Indy Guac


Usually, I make my own guac… but sometimes it’s just too much work.  I haven’t bought Wholly Guacamole for awhile, and it used to come in individual pouches.  I didn’t mind the pouches because I used the guac for black bean tacos, but if I wanted chips I had to squirt the guac onto the chip rather than dipping.  I’m not sure when Wholly Guac switched over to these little cups, but I’m loving them.  Now it’s easy to take guac and carrots to go!

What I’m Hating

Sneaky gelatin.


I don’t eat meat, and although I love (most) animals… it’s not because of that.  I just get grossed out, I don’t eat seafood either.  Sometimes it makes me sad because I think eating hot dogs and crabs (I’m from MD) look sooo fun.  One of the things that grosses me out the most is gelatin.  Upon doing some gelatin research a little while ago, I learned that gelatin is a sneaky thing.  I found it in my Welch’s fruit snacks, and I had to switch to Mott’s (they use pectin instead).  I have also discovered gelatin in my yogurt… what the hell?  Now I have trouble eating yogurt.  I even found gelatin in tzatziki sauce.  Luckily, Sabra makes a gelatin free tzatziki.  Now I’m like a psycho at the grocery store reading all the labels, and I miss my Welch fruit snacks.

Happy Sunday ♡