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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Wee Little Cadbury’s

Cadbury Mini's

I have to go down the holiday aisle every time I’m at Target or Rite Aid, and I usually find some sort of amazing snack.  I found these mini eggs at Rite Aid, and I happen to love everything mini (with the exception of lint rollers).  I would wayyyyyy rather have 12 tiny eggs instead of 2 big ones.  The big Cadbury’s are messy and ick.  These little guys are perfect.  Screw Peeps, mini eggs are the shizz.

Short Sleeved Sweaters

Short Sleeved Sweaters

I’m obsessed with full midi skirts paired with short-sleeved sweaters… that look is everything.  I found this particular sweater at Target, and it’s adorable.  J’adore an animal silhouette.

Old Navy Pixie Pants 

Old Navy

I’m not really a pants person, I’m more comfortable in dresses… but I decided to give these a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised, the fit is amazing, the pants are comfortable, and they definitely don’t look like they’re from Old Navy.  Go get these pants.

Little Spring Pumps

Spring Pumps

Yes, it’s gross to put shoes on your kitchen table… but I never eat at mine, I always eat at my coffee table (kind of white trash but whatevs).  I’m tired of bulky booties and boots, but it’s too chilly for open toe shoes right now.  Little spring pumps are my go-to.  I scored these suede pumps from Forever 21 for $15, and they’re super comfy.  These shoes are the bomb, the heel is kind of thick so you can walk for miles in them.

Sophisticated Totes

Sophisticated Tote

I despise canvas totes, even at the grocery store.  I don’t know why, but canvas totes are right up there with fanny packs for me.  I’ve been looking for a decent looking work bag that can carry everything I need (a pug or two, tablet, makeup bag, lunch, bottle of water, wallet, books, magazines… ), but I was having trouble finding an attractive one that wasn’t $300.  While shopping for my spring pumps, I found this gem at Forever 21… this color is sold out online, but you can still get it in white.  This bag is sooo big that it’s slightly embarrassing to carry around, but it’s perfect for work.  My brother was even surprised when I told him it was from F21.

Somewhat Healthy Snack


A Special K bar dipped into (fake) Nutella is freaking delish.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

What I’m Hating

Facebook suggestions all up in my news feed.


Seriously, can’t a bitch stalk?  Based upon my recent Facebook suggestions, Facebook thinks I’m fat and have bad hair.  At first my suggestions were normal things that I might be into, now they’re just straight up bizarre.  Indain?  WTF, is that indian misspelled?  That girls hair most certainly does not make me want Sonyika Seductive Luxury Hair.  I don’t even like Facebook anymore but it’s like a drug, I just have to get my daily fix.

Happy Sunday ♡