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I was super excited when my mail lady pulled all the way up into my driveway and threw this box at my door… and so were the pugs.

FabFitFun VIP

Spring is super exciting in the beauty world, it’s like a blooming flower…  all about color.  I was expecting makeup, skin products, maybe a self tanner, and secretly hoping for a pair of luxurious yoga shorts.

FabFitFun Spring Box

Did this box contain all of my wildest spring dreams?  Here’s what was inside:


Kai Perfume Oil, $48


I actually saw this on a spoiler page, and wasn’t thrilled because a lot of people claimed they hated it.  Those people must be trippin because this oil smells amazing.  I’m not exactly sure what oils/scents Kai is made up of, but it smells like the most beautiful spring garden ever.  I believe I read on the box that the oil smells different on everyone, so if you’re not getting what I am… sorry about your luck.  To me Kai smells like fresh lilac on warm spring day, I could be completely off though.  I thought this perfume oil was awesome, it almost paid for the entire box, and it’s not something I would generally pay $50 for… sweet treat!

Cover FX SPF Protection Primer, $38

SPF Primer

The only time I ever use primer is when I receive samples in Birchbox or Glam Bag.  It’s generally not something I’m into, it’s like one extra makeup step.  I don’t find it necessary, but I guess others do.  My makeup probably looks better when I use it though.  I guess this is a good primer, I liked the texture.  It’s definitely not something that I’ll use daily… but it’s genius for laying out in the sun.  If I want to tan I can put this primer on as a facial sunblock, and I won’t get melty and greasy.

Merrithew Mini Stability Ball + DVD, $28.94

Stability Ball

At first I thought the DVD was an informational pamphlet, so finding out it was a DVD was a delightful surprise.  I really like getting workout DVD’s in my box, I prefer a DVD over the gym.  I sent a Glide video to my friend of me blowing up this ball, and I wish I was able to embed it here… but it’s stuck on Glide.  I tried the video that night, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I like an intense (semi) workout, where you can feel your body working.  This was along the lines of gentle yoga, my body didn’t feel like I worked out the next day.  This isn’t exactly my type of workout, but the stretching did feel good.  This would be ideal if you sit at a desk all day… but you would still have to throw some cardio in to prevent a fat ass.

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt, $19.99


I love a good exfoliation, but I feel like this mitt is kind of creepy.  I don’t know why, but I don’t like having all of my fingers bunched together.  I can’t handle mittens, I hate oven mitts, and this makes me feel like I’m being held captive.  I’d be a lot happier with this product if it were a glove.  I tried it anyway, and it kind of hurt but I liked it.  I believe it did make my skin smoother.  I hung it in my shower, but I highly doubt I will use it again… maybe once more, but it skeeves me out.

Cult Gaia Turband, $48 

Wire Headband

I also saw this headband on a spoiler page, so I knew I’d be getting one…. but I thought it was just going to be a thick turban headband.  I was ecstatic when I realized that this is a wire headband, I’ve been raving about them for like a month now.  I’m in love with this band, it’s perfection.  This is what summer style is about.  I love the way these headbands look with bathing suits, laid back jorts, bf jeans, even a little white sundress.  I’d love to buy one of these in every color, but $48 per headband is a little cray.  I will wear the shizz out of this, it’s hands down my fave item in the spring box.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray, $25

Dry Shampoo

I’ve used Oscar B dry shampoo before, and I like it.  This one felt weird though, like I was applying hairspray.  It did it’s job, the size is fabulous, I’ll use it up, but then I’ll go back to Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak (it’s the best dry shamp ever and it’s $5).

Love Naturals Shower Bombs, $7.99

Shower Bombs

Showering is my fave part of the day, so I was excited about these bombs.  Too bad they’re not the bomb.  They did not live up to their expectations.  You’re supposed to drop one into the bottom of your shower, and they’re supposed to create a relaxing steam consisting of menthol and eucalyptus.  I didn’t smell anything, and the bomb dissolved within two minutes.  I’m loving the idea of these little bombs, but they didn’t seem to work… maybe my shower was to aggressive.  Vicks used to have the most amazing shower bomb type things called Shower Soothers, and they were discontinued.  I loved the shower soothers, they filled the entire bathroom up with a vapor rub effect… Vicks needs to re-release them pronto.

The Better Chip Spinach and Kale with Sea Salt, $1.99

Healthy Chips

These chips are supposed to be healthy, but they’re still 130 calories for a small bag, Sunchips are 140.  I guess 130 calories isn’t that bad, but the chips contained 7 grams of fat.  The chips tasted a bit stale, but they didn’t expire for another year.  Aside from the slight staleness, they did have a good flavor.  They def didn’t taste healthy, they tasted like a salty tortilla chip.  I’d totes buy these for a party, they’d be delish with hummus, salsa, guac, and tzatziki.

The total value of my spring box is $217.91, and I paid $50 for it.  At first glance I was slightly disappointed in the products, they didn’t seem cohesive or springy.  After trying everything out I realized that these are all stellar products that are worth the money.  FabFitFun is by far my fave subscription ever, it’s a total deal, and you get to try products that you normally wouldn’t.  I seriously cannot wait for the summer box, I’m sure it will be gone with the wind fabulous.