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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Spring Reading 

Spring Reading

I’ve hardly had any time in the past two years to read a book (yet I’ve had all the time in the world to Buzzfeed + Fbook).  I love mags, but it’s nice to take a bath and get your read on.  I went to BAM a few weeks ago and picked up some things.  I was dying to get the Alexa Chung book because I love her style, and the book is pretty.  I also scored a Jen Lancaster book for like $5.  I freaking love Jen Lancaster, I’ve read three or four of her books and she’s by far my fave author.  I wish it would warm up so I can chill in the sun with my pugs + books.

Garnier’s Damage Eraser Hair Mask

Hair Mask

I’ve used a Garnier treatment before and I really liked it.  I don’t know if I’ve been seeing commercials or magazine ads for this mask, but the little orange container was implanted into my brain (and I needed it).  This mask is awesome… it smells good, it makes my hair super soft, and I’ve noticed less breakage the more I use.  I’ve been swapping this mask with my condish once or twice a week.  Garnier has produced yet another beauty steal.

E.L.F. Zit Zapper

Zit Zapper

ELF products are so cheap that I have to try new stuff out every time I go to Targ.  I thought this was going to be a gel, but it’s a roller ball… and I was pleasantly surprised.  I think this is pretty much just a roller ball of salicylic acid, but it gets the job done.  The zit zapper is small, and it works.  

Retro Sunnies

Retro Sunnies

I’ve been in a sunglass rut for the past couple months.  Everything I was buying was a cat eye shape, and I found myself with a whole lot of the same thing.  I scored these retro sunnies from F21 (I think they were like $4), and I’m obsessed.  They’re so chic, and they add polish to everything… even jorts.

What I’m Hating

Disruptive christians.


I think it’s great that these door to door christians love jesus, but I’m just not down with them pushing it on everybody.  Like seriously, go to church… not my doorstep.  I know damn well that these people aren’t carrying hand sani with them which means they are spreading germs.  Door knobs are full of germs.  If one of my neighbors went to the bathroom and didn’t wash their hands, then touched their door knob that’s gross.  What’s grosser is that this Jehovah’s Witness is going to touch their doorknob when they shove a Jesus pamphlet on there, then touch mine!  OMG gross.  They’re also persistent knockers and won’t leave after a quick knocking.  If I’m not answering the door, I don’t want to talk to you so back the hell off.  Persistent knocking stirs the pugs up and makes everyone unhappy.  Door to door people are one of the worst things about warmer weather… uuughh I hate them.

Happy Sunday ♡