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What time is it?… it’s Glam Bag time!

April Glam Bag

I think this bag is ugly.  It’s soo dark for the first month of spring.  The colors remind me of a corporate office, and I’m not into the design.  However, this bag is sturdy and a nice size… I’d use it if it wasn’t so fugly.  It doesn’t really matter what the bag looks like though, it’s all about the inside hunty.  Here’s what I got.

Demeter, Roll on Perfume Oil in Jasmine

Jasmine Perfume

Love it.  I switch over to perfume oils when it warms up outside, they last so much longer.  This little guy is small enough to carry in a purse (or even clutch), so you can always smell good.  The scent of jasmine is perfection, I want everything to smell like it.   This scent reminds me of an immaculate garden with lush hydrangea’s and a lot of white lilies… I don’t know why.  This is my new go-to scent, faux sho.

Urban Decay, 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil -> Black Velvet

Urban Decay

Urban Decay products are seriously like butta.


I’ve received a liner similar to this one in a pervious Glam Bag or Birchbox, but I don’t think it was from the velvet collection.  The texture of this liner is perfection.  I do wish that I got a brown pencil because I don’t really use black eyeliner, but I will likely use this up.  I want a brown version of this liner, but at the moment black is the only option.

Elizabeth Mott, Pop! Goes The Shadow -> Champagne

Champagne Eyeshadow

You can never go wrong with a champagne shadow.  Champagne flatters all skin tones, and works throughout all seasons.  This is an awesome shadow, it’s thick, it blends well, and the color is gorge.  Unfortunately, I rarely use lonely shadows (single shadows).  I like to use something containing at least 2 shadows, or a palette.  It’s not that I wouldn’t use it, I just won’t gravitate towards it… sadly, it will probably be forgotten.

Cailyn, Tinted Lip Balm -> Apple Pink

Spring Lips

Loving this color, but I hate Cailyn packaging.  It’s so big and bulky that I don’t like to carry it with me, so I can only apply at home.  Aside from that, this tinted balm stays on almost like a stain.  The color is a summer staple, it’s a little natural but you can tell there’s something there.  I know the packaging is what makes Cailyn products stand out, but I wish they would upgrade to something sleeker.

Dr. Brandt, Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant


I love a good exfoliant.  This product is amazing, it’s like magic for your skin.  I’d buy this if it wasn’t $80.

The Verdict

Not my fave Glam bag, but I like everything in it.  The jasmine perfume is everything.  Glam Bag is my lone monthly subscription now (I still have FFF), but I kind of miss Birchbox.  I’m thinking about signing up for another subscription… any suggestions?

Happy Monday