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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.



I’ve never been into toner until recently.  I’ve become slightly obsessed with my skin, because it gets wrecked when seasons change.  I think I grabbed this toner because it was on sale, but I love it.  My face feels so clean, and my skin hasn’t misbehaved once since I’ve been using daily.  I probably just jinxed myself.

Super Plain Lotion


My seasonal skin wreckage isn’t just on my face, it’s on my whole body.  Scented body creams and lotions tend to dry my skin and irritate it even more.  I usually have to switch over to some sort of oatmeal lotion, or Eucerin.  I was really excited when I realized that Target has a fake Eucerin, and it feels like the real deal.

Pretty Pens

Pretty Pens

I can’t stand ugly bic’s.  Whenever I see little pens in the $1 section at Target, I have to pick some up.

Herbal Essences Naked Shamp + Condish

Herbal Essences Naked

I usually hate Herbal E shamp + condish, I’m not even sure why I tried this one… but I’m glad I did.  After using this duo, I was shocked at how amazing my hair felt.  It was soft, it was frizz free, and it smelled amazing.  I thought it had to be a fluke, so I waited a day and washed again.  I had the same results, my hair felt salon good.  I find this shampoo and conditioner comparable to Frederic Fekkai, and I love me some Fekkai.

Lavender Vanilla Room Spray

Lavender Vanilla

I love aerosol room spray, it’s so cheap.  I think these were each 99 cents and they smell amazing.  I like anything lavender.

 Mini Scale

Mini Scale

My scale battery has been dead for months, instead of buying a new battery… I went with a new scale.  This one is teeny tiny and it’s so chic, I was really excited about this scale.  I’m probably the only person in the world excited about a scale.

What I’m Hating

Spell check.

Spell Check

The finnish was gorge?  Really.  I don’t even know anyone from Finland.  Lately, my spell check suggestions have been absurd.

Happy Sunday ♡