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When the weather starts to warm up, I love a good sandwich.

Summer Sandwich

When it’s chilly outside, I tend to gravitate towards pasta, grilled cheese, and soup.  When we get into spring/summer I want none of that… All I want is fresh sammie, fruit, and salad.  This is my ultimate favorite sandwich, and it’s insanely satisfying.  I don’t even crave pizza or grilled cheese when I eat this, and I feel good about my food choice.  It’s simple, healthy, and I could live off of this shizz.  Here’s how to turn out my fave sammie.

Fave Sandwich

Toast two pieces of whole wheat or multigrain bread.

Healthy Sandwich

Skip the condiments, and add a thick layer of hummus… any flavor will do, but I like to stick with classic or mediterranean.

Vine Ripe Tomatoes

Add a few thicky thick slices of vine ripe tomats.  I went to Giant last week and these tomatoes were like disgustingly perfect, they were so freaking fresh.  These little guys smelled exactly like a summer garden, and I was so excited… I could eat them like apples.

Hummus Sandwich

Sometimes I’ll swap the tomatoes out for cucumbers, but nothing beats a fresh tomat.

Healthy Sammie

Add a slice of low-cal cheese.  I roll with swiss, but mozz is always a good choice.

Super Healthy Sandwich

Cut your sammie in half, and eat it outside (get that Vitamin D girl)!  You can add any and as many veggies as you want to this sandwich, I just like to keep it clean and simple.

Get your munch on