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She sells seashells by the seashore hunty.

DIY DecorAnd by she, I mean any local craft store.  For the past few years work has been getting in the way of my vacations, and I miss the beach.  Come summer, I stick shells all around my house to make it feel beachy.  Here’s how to turn out the perfect summer centerpiece…

DIY Vase

You’ll need some sort of jar or vase, I used the jar from a candle.

Spray PaintThis part is optional, but if you’re not feeling color of the jar you can spray paint it.  I went with a nice soft grey, it matches with everything.


Place a few handfuls of shells in a Ziploc bag.  I bought a bag of shells at Michael’s for like $5, but if you have authentic beach shells that’s even better.  Take the bag of shells outside and carefully hit it a few times with a hammer.  I didn’t feel like going into my garage to get a hammer, so I used the handle of a screwdriver… it didn’t work out as well as I wanted it to.  Make sure you break your shells, but don’t pulverize them… you want large pieces.

Beach DecorUse a glue gun to secure pieces of broken shell to the jar.  I decided to do a thick rim around the bottom of my jar, but any design will work.

Beach Vase

When the jar dries, you can fill it with fun.  I’m loving the look of white flowers in mine.  Bamboo also looks great, and wild flowers are so hot right now.  Not only is the vase gorge in your home, but it also makes a sickening Mother’s Day gift.