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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Not Your Mothers, Beach Babe Spray

Sea Salt Spray

I’m obsessed with “Not Your Mothers” products.  Their dry shamp is the best one that I’ve ever used, and I had read about this spray in Cosmo or something.  I was thrilled when I found it at Giant, it wasn’t available at Target yet (but I think it is now).  I love the spray bottle, and the texture of the spray.  I’ll be using this all summer long (and every other season).

Queen Helene Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter

This lotion smells like summer, and it’s cheap as hell.  You can get a huge bottle for like $3.  This is something that I always keep around, and recently I’ve been rocking it daily.

Soft Hairspray

Soft Hairspray

I hate the way that hairspray makes your hair feel.  Suave is the only hairspray (that I’ve tried) which leaves your hair soft.  It keeps waves from going limp without the hardness, it’s also amazing for updos.

Liquid Liner

Liquid LinerWho doesn’t love a cat eye + bold lip.  I’m loving a thick brown cat eye worn with fuchsia lips.  ELF makes a liquid liner for $1… can’t beat it.

Pacifica Enlighten Palette

Pacifica Enlighten

This is no Naked 3, but it’s only $14.

PacificaThe colors are gorge, very summer.  They do crease, but they’ll stay on all day with primer.  I like to werq the sunset pink on my eyelid, and use the gold on the outer corners of my eyes.  I believe you can find this little palette at Target.

What I’m Hating

When I embarrass myself.

Broken Nail PolishI went to get a pedi, and managed to break the bottle of nail polish that I wanted on my toes.  I’ve dropped bottles of nail polish a million times before… like a five foot drop onto my bathroom floor, and they’ve never broken.  I was so embarrassed when this broke, it made a humongous mess.  I felt like such an asshole, and I had to use a color that I didn’t really like instead.

Happy Sunday ♡