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I know it’s a little late but… I got my Glam Bag last week!

May Glam BagSometimes it takes me a hot minute to try everything in my Glam Bag.  I was pleasantly surprised with the look of this bag, it’s sooo cute.  Ipsy is giving me organic realness, and I’m loving the canvas.  Here’s what was inside…

Balanced Guru, Hair Oil

Hair OilThis sample is pretty big, and a little goes a long way.  The oil smells like a summer herb garden.  I like the dropper/lid, it makes it really easy to apply.  I have to be careful with oil because I’m a product abuser, and it can make my hair look insanely greasy.  I will def use this on the ends of my hair, it’s ideal for dry summer hair.

Hang Ten, Classic Sport Sunscreen

SunblockCould this bottle be more adorable?  This sunblock is SPF 50, and that’s a little high for me… I like to stick to 15, sometimes a bitch needs color.  The sunscreen smells amazing, but the consistency sucks.  It’s like super watery and thin.  I read on the back of the sunblock that Hang Ten is powered by Coola, and I’m really not down with their organic sunblock (it smells like oatmeal).  I’d use this on my face if I was going to be on the beach all day, and that’s it.

Hey Honey, Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask 

Face MaskI love a face mask.  This one was one of the best I’ve ever used, the texture is perfection.  The mask dries quickly, and it’s easy to peel off.  My skin felt so fresh and so clean clean after using, and I still have enough for a second mask!

Pur-lisse, Moisturizer 

MoisturizerEhhh.  This moisturizer wasn’t my fave, but I didn’t hate it.  It was a little thin for my liking.  I’m a fan of the standard Ponds moisturizer, I like it thick hunty.

Pacifica, Natural Beauty Duo 2

PacificaI don’t really consider dark purple to be natural, but whatevs.  Pacifica has amazing colors, but the pigmentation of their shadows isn’t great.  You have to apply several coats of shadow, even with a primer.  I like these colors a lot, but when I have the Naked3 in front of me it’s hard to use any other shadow.

The Verdict

I think I like the actual bag more than it’s contents.  This was a good natural beauty bag, but I wish there was a bold lip or nail color included too.  I like when the bags are more make-upy and less lotion-y.


Happy Monday