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Gardens are already pretty, but you can make them even prettier.

Garden Marker DIYWith a can of spray paint and a few pieces of wood, you can make your garden trés chic.  Here’s how to turn out a few easy garden markers.

DIY Garden Markers

You’ll need a handful of paint mixers, spray paint, and a gold leafing pen (or metallic sharpies).  I took a huge handful of paint mixers from Home Depot when the paint attendant left the area unattended… I feel like you’re only allowed to take like three but whatevs.  I decided to use lavender spray paint because it compliments green.

Garden MarkersTake the paint mixers outside and spray paint them… don’t be lazy, do both sides.

Easy Garden MarkersWhen the paint dries, use a gold leafing pen to label each marker.  My garden mostly consists of herbs and tomatoes, I love fresh summer herbs… they make everything better.

Herb GardenJ’adore the pop of color the garden markers are giving.


Don’t keep your garden a secret hunty