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Summer holidays are my fave.

Festive Ice CubesI love the big three… Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.  Although these holidays are all about America, they’re also about grilling, drinking, and beaching.  Here’s an easy way to stay cool while being festive.

Fresh Mint

Start off with some fresh herbs.  I like to use mint because it plays well with a lot of other flavors.

Summer Drinks

Grab an ice-cube tray (or many), and place a bit of mint in each spot.  Fill all the trays with water.  Use a drop of blue or red food coloring in each cube, swirl with a toothpick, then freeze.

Memorial DayWhen the ice cubes are ready, place them in a serving bucket.  Not only do they look festive, but they can be used in both alcoholic and non alcoholic bevs.  If I’m having guests, I like to stick to one alcohol free drink, one mixed drink, wine, and beer.  I’d use these cubes with blueberry lemonade, and blueberry infused vodka + soda.  Although they’re fierce, these cubes can get a little messy… be careful if you have white furni!

And what’s a party without the perfect playlist?… lame.  So, here’s my super fun patriotic playlist: